Play a more consistent and improved game of golf with hypnosis for self esteem!

golf improvement with hypnosisMental Golf Mastery is a program created for you, whether you are a casual, match or professional player, you will discover the mental secrets of top level golfers and champions and how hypnosis for self esteem near Main Line can be your secret weapon on the course. True success comes from within and has to do more with what you say to yourself than what others are saying about you. Discover how internal factors rather than external, have more of an affect on your ability to win and succeed than you may have previous believed.

Most professional athletes engage with a mental coach almost as frequently as they do a sports coach. Golf is a sport that is 100% individual, the mental strength of a golfer is as important as their talent and ability. The pros have been using mental coaching for years. Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Kathy Whitworth, Judy Rankin all stress the mind’s role in their success. Tiger Woods feels his greatest strength is his ability to quiet his mind, a gift from his mother’s Buddhists teachings and learning hypnosis.

There is a void of programs, coaches and techniques available to the amateur golfer. Mental golf Mastery intends to fill this void by offering a solution that will end the self created and imposed anxieties, worries, and limitations that hold a golfer back from major improvements.

If you are looking to improve your golf performance Mental Golf Mastery will help you achieve your goals.

I help golfers to eliminate mental clutter and play to their best game. This clutter can manifest in several ways, including:

Fear of failure

Doubts about performance

Anxiety that keeps you tense and destroys your game

Past disappointments, frustrations, and losses

Judgements of self and by others

Not trusting instincts and ability


The golfers I work with admit to struggling with certain aspects of their mental game, most even admit to me to not even addressing this side of their game at all, believing that their thoughts and lack of confidence is just part of who they are. Being an athlete myself I have researched the secrets of that the pros use to give them an edge and I help golfers take control of their mental game so they can play with confidence, focus and a new level of enjoyment.

My Mental Golf Mastery Program includes powerful tools based in psychology, personal development and science. It is truly an “inside out” approach to improving your golf game. Presently I am working in the Philadelphia area, providing  a personal experience either in groups or individual sessions. I am also available to help you online if you are not in the immediate area.


Each session includes education about our mind and behaviors, exercises to help identify specific issues and hypnosis. Hypnosis is just one of the many tools I use to help you improve quickly.  Most people have unrealistic ideas of what hypnosis is, they have been tainted by the Hollywood version. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state and I use it to accelerate the learning process and integrate the information easily and naturally. Hypnosis allows you to communicate with the subconscious mind to change for your advantage. Tiger Woods was using hypnosis at the age of 7.

The program allows golfers to make changes quickly and effortlessly, to overcome previous negative beliefs and obstacles and achieve Mental Mastery.

The core of my program shows the golfer how to visualize positive outcomes, both on and off the course, by helping you discover:

  • How to conquer the fear of losing
  • How to get over a bad start,
  • What to do when you lose your confidence
  • Defeat negative self talk

My program gives you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. These simple secrets will allow you focus, find your confidence and play at the level you are capable of achieving. Most golfers have invested in the clubs, the outfits, and the lessons isn’t it time to invest in the most important aspect and gain mental mastery?

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