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Isn’t it time to put an end to your bad habits and thoughts? Main Line Hypnosis can help you take control of your mind and your life!

Using unique blend of coaching with hypnosis and leveraging the latest in scientific research you will put an end to what has held you back in the past. Our goal is to help you to develop the mental strength you need to manage your state in any situation.

Main Line Hypnosis, a premiere hypnosis center serving Philadelphia and the Main Line, offers personal and professional services for stress management, increasing confidence, overcome anxiety, weight loss, quitting smoking, consistent athletic performance, and more.

Does Online Hypnosis Work?

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smoking cessation with hypnosis

Driving Anxiety hypnosis

Confidence with hypnosis

overcome anxiety with hypnosis

hypnosis stress relief

golf improvement with hypnosis

Weight Loss with hypnosis

medical hypnosis

Hypnosis for children and teens

Improve your sport with hypnosis

Fear and phobias

why choose us?

Our hypnosis and coaching process allows you to unlock the power of your mind to make the changes you desire quickly and easily. You have a lot of choices on who you go to, here are some key reasons why you should work with us.


For most people hypnosis is often the last option. They have tried to change using various methods before they come to my office. This is unfortunate. Change can happen much easier than we have been led to believe. Instead of struggling, leverage the power of your mind with hypnosis and my highly efficient tools and strategies. Which are a blend of modalities such as hypnosis, neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, coaching, and more!


We know you are busy so we offer a variety of services and sessions to fit your schedule. Individual sessions can be done in person or by skype/phone. Groups can be accommodated with workshops, online coaching programs and corporate training and seminars. Coming soon will be our products in digital format for you to learn online, at your own pace.  Need something custom? Just ask!


Hypnosis is a natural state that has been recorded for thousands of years and a part of the American Medical Association since 1958. It has been researched with successful outcomes by most major universities such a Harvard and Stanford. All of the techniques used are simple to implement and are based in science and client tested and approved.


Simple to implement techniques will give you the outcome you desire.  We pride ourselves in taking complex concepts and making them applicable and effective in your life. Clients are supported throughout the entire process. We take your success as our success.  There is no reason you have to go it alone.


You need someone you can trust and feel confident when you are working with personal change. Nell Rose, is a board-certified coach, and has several hypnosis certifications, and has over a decade of experience helping clients with hypnosis. She is a believer in constant learning and refining her methods to get the most success. She prioritizes understanding individual habit change differences and will always give personal service- nothing cookie-cutter happens here. She has the gift of knowing what you need and ease in helping you achieve success.


As a mother of five, Nell Rose understands the challenges that you face as a parent. She considers herself as an advocate for your child and is on your team for support. By working together you and she will help your child reach their full potential.  Hypnosis can be a great alternative to drugs or it can be used alongside of medical care.

Who is Nell Rose

Nell Rose Coach

Nell Rose has a unique balance of mastery in psychology, neuroscience, and the strategy of success which creates a powerful force to help clients achieve rapid results in all aspects of their lives. She goes above and beyond in her dedication to each of her clients, doing whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals, find purpose and create an extraordinary quality of life. This special blend makes her one of the most effective coaches and hypnotists you could work with. To find out how she got started on this journey and learn more…

Resiliency: An individual’s ability to create patterns of positive adaptations to stress and adversity

A person with a resilient mind has a clear understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, resources and values and can perform and plan at their highest potential and respond and adapt to changes quickly. Your mind is your greatest tool.  Companies such as Google, General Mills, LinkedIn, Ford Motor Company and more are using these techniques to optimize their employees. Evidence proves that in just minutes a day you can feel calmer and more connected, enhance creativity and problem solving, reduce stress and recover more quickly. Why just survive when you can thrive?

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National Guild of Hypnotists Certification
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