Group Hypnosis Parties

An interesting, fun and economical way to experience hypnosis

Main Line Hypnosis enjoys the opportunity for people to experience hypnosis in person and see the power of their own mind.  This is a perfect way to experience a hypnosis session, from the comfort of your own home without any deep therapy.

What is a home hypnosis party?

Just invite a few friends, neighbors, family members, or co-workers who, like you, are interested in trying hypnosis in a fun and casual atmosphere.


You can choose from one of the following party themes-

~Stress Release and healing  – Release stress with hypnosis! Our stress release sessions are designed so that you can release stress and tension, and relax deeply. We teach you tools to release stress, as well as leading you into a wonderful hypnotic and healing state.

~Weight Loss – Our weight loss group sessions are designed to help you to slim down in a comfortable environment. See the numbers on the scale go down with this great program.

~Envisioning– This is a wonderful, relaxing session that is geared toward creating your ideal future.

~Past Life Regression– These parties are for exploring past lives experiences.

Have an idea that isn’t listed, give us a call!  610-674-0390

What to expect?

  1. The first part of the evening will consist of an overall presentation on hypnosis, the subconscious mind, The latest in brain science, benefits, and what to expect from the hypnosis session. Depending on topic and group size we will take personal suggestions to be added into the session. There will be time to have all of your questions answered.
  2. Then a short break to snack, socialize, and use the bathroom.
  3. After the break, everyone returns for the group session.


Other details:

Every attendee receives a free audio recording (delivered via email) to help reinforce their group hypnosis experience.

The more people attending; the lower the cost for each attendee.   5 people = $70 each,  6 people = $60 each,  7 people  = $50, 8 or more people = $40
Host and you can be FREE~
If you are thinking about hosting and want your session free, follow these steps – If you are willing to host the party and can find 4 or more people to sign up then the host can get their session for free.
*May be an extra charge, depending on distance of travel.

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